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Bro. James Adams visit to NDMU September 2008


GIA/WS organization Major Officers July 2008


About the Grant-in-Aid/Working Students Program November 2007


No rain nor typhoon can stop the GIA sports fest ..by jing ureta July 2008




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The  Fun Run began  as an idea  to raise funds for the  GIA Legacy fund.      Invitation to join the run and contribute to the Legacy fund was posted in  the social networking sites such as Face book and Alumni E-groups.   The  Alumni all over the world responded by donating to the cause of the working students.

Last August 15, 2010 was unforgettable event for most of the runners and organizer of the event.  Despite   the extensive   preparation  for the event, heavy rains poured as early as 4:30 a.m.

We all  feared for the worst which was the cancellation of the activity. However,   it was providential when the rains started to subside at exactly 6 a.m. I guess  God   wanted to  bless all our good intentions and pave the road for all of us.

Winner for the event is CHIELITO RIZAL TONIC who was way ahead of everyone else.  He was carrying  in his  ID tag the name of  Alumni RAFAEL ONG  who sponsored his run.   When interviewed how he made it at a short possible time he smiled and said..”I always run from Banga to here..”  and sometimes he would walk  from home to school since “wala ako  pamasahe (I have no money  to pay for my ride). 

The youngest Runner  is the 9 year old daughter of  Alumni Rogelio and Doray Tuburan followed by the 12 year old son of Alumni Roger Doronio.  The oldest runner is Alumni Excelsa Laverez.

The runners upon reaching the NDMU grounds were treated to a steamy hot Arroz Caldo which was prepared by  working students  who had to sleep  at the Marist Scholasticate for an early preparation of the Arroz Caldo.

Part  II of the event took place at  the University gymnasium were basketball and volleyball were played between  the Alumni and working students.  The winner for both games are the Alumni.  What brought the house down was the 3 point shot game facilitated by Alumni Arnel Colina, Danny Tanzo and Sonny Pama  where they gave the price money for the  winner. It was a riot since students  just came forward to try their luck  in the game.

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Kilit-Anay ta! GIA/WS 2010 Reunion

Last June of 2009 the alumni agreed to hold the next reunion on May 1, 2010, Labor Day and a national holiday.   The event organizers comprising of  batch representatives agreed to hold the reunion  at Bedrock Resort where alumni and their family can swim and enjoy the rest of the day.  However, the  challenge of the day was that May 1 labor day was no longer declared  a national holiday but labor Day  was moved to May 3.   Despite this little setback  there were still alumni who came straight from work and were just happy to see old friends and classmates. 

As early as 8 a.m. the registration table was ready and the sound system was making a blast.  The working students officers were around to help in the registration and hosted the games for the young and adults.  It was fun to watch the alumni bringing food and playing games to the delight of their children.

Bro. Willy Lubrico, university President and Bro. Cristino Sta Ana came  to join the alumni despite their busy schedule.  Lunch was sumptuous since we have lechon and various home cooked food that the Alumni brought with them.  In the afternoon , the alumni elected the next set of officers.

Elected into office are the following

PRESIDENT                    Noel Garrovillo (AB ’91)

VICE PRESIDENT        Godofredo C. Borja Jr. (BSCE ’89)

SECRETARY                   Rogelio Tuburan (BSBIO ’86)

TREASURER                  Josephine Solivio (BSC Acctg. ’84)

AUDITOR                        Danilo Fresco  (BS Agri ’84)

Batch representatives:

80’2                                   Roger Doronio (AB 88)

90’s                                   Lanie L. Pana (BSE ’91)

00’s                                  Nilo Bacordio (BSC ’06)

The laughter, the teasing were never ending as they recall   stories of their   student days.  When it was time to go  , some alumni opted to stay and some continued their fellowship at a friend’s house.  At the end of the day, everyone felt good about the chance to meet again.  The alumni  looked forward for the next year activities   as the new set of officers enthusiastically will  plan ahead .

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One Heart One Goal..GIA/WS Reunion

DSC09475The working students of NDMU are  special breed of students.  They work hard to finish a college degree despite  the difficulty of balancing work and study.  They all dream that one day thier lives will be better and that they will be able to help their families. 

Last June 7, 2009 the alumni of the GIA/WS program came back to NDMU to reminice the best years of their lives.  There were 105 alumni who converged at the NDMU Student Park for a great reunion  and warm handshakes.   The day started with a mass at the Cathedral followed by a fellowship at the park.  The alumni brought food with them.   2 lechon were donated by two groups of alumni, one is the NDMU  personnel who were  also working students alumni themselves  and the group of Jason Pillora .  There were alumni who came with their families.  It was like a big family fiesta at the student park.DSC09440

  DSC09441(The alumni with their family)





The past  Directors of the program like Mrs. Rosanni Sanz Ilagan, Carmen Facura-Nana and the man of the hour Bro. James Adams came to meet their former students and say hello to the young ones.  The presence of Bro. James excited those who used to work with him in the 70’s and early part of the 80’s.  Everyone who knew him would tell you about the  the contribution he gave to the  GIA/WS program.  He showed compassion and took care of those who needed support.  He exemplied the Marist charism and  lived with Champagnat’s call to every Marist brothers and lay partners ” to educate the young , one  has to love them first.”

Mr. Andres Magallanes, Administrative Vice President and Dr. Noemi Silva were also present to welcome  the alumni.  Thier presence made the alumni felt right at home.                      (the 70’s WS)DSC09449

Games were played between the alumni and the working students.  Everyone had a good time watching the oldies struggle to win a game while the young ones tried harder to beat their seniors.  President Arnel Colina announced to the group the various activities that the association did.  The Association had turn over  to Bro. Willy  a seed capital of P5,000 for the GIA Legacy fund.

( The 80’s WS)  DSC09451      The alumni wanted to share their blessings to the working students who are in need of assistance.  During the reunion, the Alumni office has collected a total of P 10,050.00 for the GIA Legacy Fund and P 4,500 for the Legacy Walk.

The alumni were in high spirit and wanted to meet again just to keep in touch and continue putting more donation to the GIA Legacy fund.  It was  to have the reunion in May 1, 2010 in one of the resorts here in Koronadal where they can bring their kids to swim and enjoy the rest of the way.    (the 90’2) DSC09453

At the end of the day, when the people started to move out there will always be a smile in everyone’s faces.   It was good to remember and find out how things were in the past and how these experiences had made them a better person.

( the 2000’s)











(Bro. James with friends and former students)








(senior alumni taking a breather to meet former colleques and friends)





remembering the happy days once more as in unison the alumni cries “I sweat it out! I made it”






the “big men” of the 80’s.








Kakasa kayo?  dared the GIA students to the alumni in a friendly game.








Another one bites the dust..

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Bro. James Adams visit to NDMU

The  working students and Alumni are proud of their humble beginnings at the Notre Dame of Marbel University.  They were given  an opportunity   to study and work at the same time to earn a college degree.  They knew that poverty is never a hindrance to success.    For many years now,  The Marist Brothers has  continued to support the  program for the poor but deserving students.  Bro. James F. Adams is an example of a Marist Brother who has the passion to make a difference in the lives of these students. He was  responsible for making the concept of study work into a formal program  that  reviwed and updated its rules, regulations and requirements. 

Last August 7, 2008 Bro. James Adams came back to Marbel.  His schedule was tight as friends and alumni were rushing to fill up his calendar.   He spoke to the working students and they were awed  to see the person who was responsible for establishment of the GIA/WS program at NDMU.  The student were glued to their set as   he inspired them with his kind words of encouragement of not giving up their dreams despite poverty but to become a better person, one that has a clear goal of what they want and what they want to do.

 (Bro. James with the working students)

The ndmu retiree and some administrators would not let the time  passed without meeting with Bro. James .  After all, he used to be the Administrative Vice President from early 70s until 1983.  Last August 8, Bro. Willy through Dalia organized a dinner with some of Bro. James old time friends and colleques at the President’s Boardroom.  You can hear laughter and teasing as each one share anecdotes of the past events in Bro. James life. 

(Bro. james having the time of his life with friends and former colleques like Mrs. Pe, Jovita Felongco, Maam Leonor and others)

August 9, 2008 was a time off to be with the working student alumni.  A dinner was arranged after the opening of the GIA basketball event.   He met with his former students and was surprised at the changes that has happend in their lives.  Some alumni even brought with them their children or grandchildren.  Bro. James challenged the alumni to PAY IT FORWARD.  He hope that the Alumni could share their TIME TALENT AND TREASURE to the students through scholarships and other ways to help the poor students get access to education.  At the end of the celebration, everyone came home  filled with Bro. James inspiring words and the challenge he gave each one of them.  Well,  we all  wish  that Bro. James  could have stayed longer to meet others who failed to come that day.  To Bro. James MABUHAY!

(Prexy Arnel Colina)(with business  office  staff) (alumni sharing their little tokens for Bro. James)

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No rain nor typhoon can stop the GIA sports fest ..by jing ureta

Its RAINING ITS POURING!  remember back in the old days when the flood would come at the time all when we were  all sleeping like a log?  Marbel has experienced the worst “baha” with the water rising up to the waist.  The  working students enjoyed the flood water just like children enjoying playing in the rain.

Well last July 6, 2008 after the flooding at known flood area in marbel, the GIAs geared for some action.  They had  to in help the affected areas in campus before the games.   It was one big team helping to put things in order.

Well nothing could stop them from having fun. the basketball games continued despite the students feeling so tired  after all the hardwork.  friendship games will continue every sunday for a months time. Have fun! enjoy!

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together once more…

The GIA alumni came for a  salo salo last May 10, 2008 at my place.  The get together started as joke among Nonoy tipon, Willy and Anton.  the next thing I knew  they started texting almuni who were avaiable for a short notice get together.   Well, it was raining but what the heck!  they were all up for a good time to reminice the good ol days and laugh at the funny anecdotes they remembered. Somehow you feel good seing them again.

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